Costa Adeje - A phone snap of the resort we stayed at.

Mount Teide with volcanic rocks in the foreground.

A male Tenerife Lizard – the blue markings on the sides show he is a male.

Amongst the Clouds – as we left the coastal resorts behind, we drove through the clouds as these trees shrouded in mist show.

Above the clouds – in the Teide National Park, this is a view above the clouds of the sun setting – around 1800m.

We pulled into a car park a few times on our way out for night shoots  - this shot along the road into the distance reminded me of Death Valley!

The National Park again with lovely pink hues in the sky just before dusk.

Sunset near Roques de Garcia – an area of rock formations, sandbanks and trails popular with walkers and Astro-photographers!

Another view from Roques de Garcia

Stargazing – at dusk I noticed these two girls looking out into the distance and quickly managed to snap the as I thought they’d be good for a composite with the night sky as the background – I was happy with the final result!

The milky way over a rock formation, Roques de Garcia

The Magma Convention Centre on the outskirts of Adeje made for a good mono long exposure shot.

Garachico on the north coast provided another opportunity to get out the ND filters ...

Garachico V2.

Playa del Medano is a beach known for strong winds and popular with windsurfers.

Waves on a black sand beach near Los Gigantes on the west coast

We didn’t have to travel far for wildlife – there were plenty of Hoopoes on the lawns next to our hotel!

The Auditorio de Tenerife at the port city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

An alternate view of the Auditorio de Tenerife at the port city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Playa Amarilla – a slowish exposure to show movement in the waves on this beach on the south coast.

Grafitti at Playa Amarilla on the South coast

One evening we took a cable car ride to the summit of Mt Teide to see the sunset; this is the view from the Cable Car station at the summit looking out over the Observatory which we would visit later to photograph…

We then had a 30 min+ hike to the Mt Teide viewpoint to see the sunset. The air at over 3700m was a bit thinner; I was pretty knackered after we returned!

later we went down to the Mt Teide Observatory to photograph the Milky Way. On this photo I managed to remember to do a separate longer exposure for the foreground…

Milky Way over Mt Teide Observatory

A paroramic image made of 9 vertical shots stitched together in Photoshop. Taken in pitch-black darkness at12:05 am, June 2021 (Note photographer with tripod lefy hand side of photograph)

A different view of the Milky Way Mt Teide Observatory.

Taken at the side of the road near the observatory at 2:20am, this shows the light from the towns below shining through the clouds. The streaks in the sky – about 6 of them – are I think satellites, probably part of Elon Musk’s Starlink project.

Later in the week we headed up towards the northern tip of the island; the terrain was pretty hilly and I liked the way these hills receded into the distance.

More receeding hills...

The roads made for interesting driving!

One of the many hairpin bends!

Prickly Pear – the flora was quite impressive - there were plenty of these Prickly Pear cacti.

Crepuscular Rays – as we drove down towards the coast at Benijo we came across these rays emanating from behind the clouds.

Probably my last shot of the trip – last light at Benijo.

Sunset setting at Benijo Bay

Queens Shoe Rock Arch -  to end, if you can’t get the exposure right for both foreground and sky you can take one during the day, cool it down and drop in a sky taken at the same location at night. This is the untouched RAW image shot during the day in harsh sunlight...

Queens Shoe Rock Arch -  and here is the final edit with the day light shot darkened and colour temperature cooled down and the sky taken at the same location at night dropped in behind it!

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